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Angkor National Museum

One of the most amazing things to experience in Siem Reap is the Angkor National Museum. Home to an immense amount of Khmer history, various artifacts, as well as precious items from the historic Khmer Kingdom, you will be in awe with every twist and turn you make in the 8 gallery museum.

Outlining each era in a clear and unique fashion, the museum uses cutting-edge technology to illustrate the way Siem Reap was in the past starting with the Pre-Angkorian period, and going through to the Post-Angkorian period as outlined below:

  •  Angkor Wat
  •  Khmer Civilization
  •  1,000 Buddha!
  •  Religions and Beliefs
  •  Ancient Costume
  •  Angkor Thom
  •  Story from Stones
  •  The Great Khmer Kings

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