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Kampong Phluk

Located in the Northern Central Cambodia province, this small village was constructed entirely on the stilts of Tonle Sap, making it unique and definitely a sight to see. The name Kampong Pluk means Harbor of the Tusks, and it’s economy is highly built on shrimp harvesting.

The two villages here in Kampong Pluk have a total population of 3000 people and there are also a wide array of various wildlife species including the crab eating macaque. The villages are about 16 km from the South-East area of Siem Reap, and the flooded mangrove forests are lush and beautiful. During the summer months, many of the locals build makeshift houses along the lake to cool off, since it gets too hot in the middle of the villages and the water level in the lake decreases. The locals then move back to their respective villages once the weather starts to cool down again, and when the water level on the lake rises.

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