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The Happy Ranch Horse Farm

Opening in the year 2002 in Siem Reap, the Happy Ranch Horse Farm is the only Western horse ranch in the entire country of Cambodia. Located 2 km from the city’s center, the horse farm lies right in the middle of the Angkor temples.

As a visitor, you will be able to partake in the horse and pony rides which last between 1-4 hours. Each ride is informative, fun, and a unique way to learn and experience Cambodia. The rides all include a journey through the Buddhist Pagodas as well as through the countryside villages.

The beautiful horses are a crossbreed of Arabian horses which make them extremely adaptable. And, the saddles used are Western imported saddles, which are safe and secure, and perfect for riding.

For reservations and transportation arrangement, please contact us through E: tourdesk@lotusblancresort.com | T: +855 63 965 555.